Participant Institutions

Schools, NGOs and other public or private institutions working with people at risk of social exclusion, are already connected and involved in the project. Some of these institutions have already been collaborating with the team.

As an example, the project will have EMST’s associated partner Mutifunctional Center of the Hellenic Red Cross, from The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with whom has already developed arts-based learning programs with the participation of groups of young refugees.

Other example is CERCI (Rehabilitation and Education Cooperative for Citizens with Disabilities) from the council JUNTA DE FREGUESIA DE SÃO JOÃO DA MADEIRA, with whom CI-FML has collaborated and whose public is one of the target groups, to include as participants in the project.

Also many of Cultureghem’s participants face social exclusion and socio-economic difficulties. Several of this partner’s activities are public projects that bring the neighbourhood together to create social cohesion, such as the Kookmet, to prepare meals collectively and Kookmet recup, an alternative food distribution platform to deliver healthy food to people in precarious situations.