Digital Tools

A digital toolkit, for training and learning the arts-based activities set as digital tools to accompany students/young people and their teachers/youth workers. This toolkit promotes empowerment of youth’s means of representation and enhances the critical quality and social impact of youth work online.

Evaluation Kit

To develop an impact evaluation system that can be tested during the project’s pilot implementation, the project produces an evaluation kit and a formative evaluation of the project’s pilot implementation. It also accomplishes an adequate process of dissemination by creating evidence of the approach used in the project. Its expected impact is therefore increasing the capability of disseminating the project with quality, towards maximizing its social value creation.

Educator’s Guide

An educator’s guide that aims to present the toolkit and assist teachers/youth educators with extensive knowledge regarding the areas that the toolkit explores: digital competences in social media, visual literacy and individual and social identities in youth. It will allow the digital toolkit to be used and spread in schools and other non-formal education youth institutions.

This guide for educators (teachers and youth workers) also aims to develop an empathic learning process through an arts-based practical process.


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